I have decided to keep my old film idea I just had to film it on location. I am now on track and have started editing and I must say its going very well and I’m so pleased with my work. Things are finally looking up.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 14.30.37.png


New idea

My new idea is going to be a stop motion storyboard for a song. From the research I have done my final cut should work and look the same as the rhinestone eyes storyboard. Please see below.

So far…

After a stressful week of my plans for my FMP falling apart things have started looking up. My filming times though small are planned and booked with my actors so I can get filming done by Thursday. I will then spend the rest of my time editing and tonight I will be designing backgrounds for the green screen and plan the filming days so I can make it run smoothly and get it done. I will also be fitting in some maths revision at home but it shouldn’t cause any problems for my work it just stresses me out a little bit but I know its going to be fine.

Plan For This Week

Thursday and Friday: I will be filming the scenes containing props on these day’s with Joey and Shola as they have both confirmed they are free to act for my FMP. On Thursday I will try to get all the footage containing Shola and Joey finished as Shola is pretty busy with her own work any other days and Friday I will film the scenes with me and Joey. I will book the times today with James and make a prop list so I don’t forget.

Focus Group.


I need to finish my pre-production this week. To do this I must write out my cast, about Alfie’s clothes for costumes, props and a Kit list. As you can see Alfie and Joey look very much alike, hence why I wanted Joey to act as Alfie in my FMP.