Task three:The Visitor ideas

Title: The Visitor.

Story: The basis is an unwanted spirit in a home (the visitor).

Date: Thursday-sunday.

Films that inspired.

The setting of the woods is inspired by Evil dead and Cabin in the woods. The idea of a crazed maniac or creature being in the woods is inspired by Jeepers Creepers which was made in 2001 by Victor Salva.

Alfie character is in an abusive house hold and he walks into the woods to leave flowers on his mothers grave and he gets a visit from her (hence the name The Visitor as the title).


Scene ideas

  • Alfie starts off by waking up and taking a swig of Jack Daniels (prop alcohol its actually juice).
  • In the next scene he styles his hair in the mirror, smiles and then gets angry as he thinks little of himself so he puts on a beanie and walks out angrily.
  • We have a shot of him grabbing his coat and putting it on.
  • puts leash on his dog and walks through the garden and out.
  • we’ll then have a  and sets down the flowers. Possibly have a close up shot of him shedding one tear.
  • 1st person shot of his face and you see a hand hold his face and he looks up shocked.
  • His dead mother hugs him and the camera pans away as they huddle in the woods and the shot fades to black.

Upon filming my sequence i changed the story so its just a sad boy visiting the grave of a lost loved family member and someone coming over to comfort him. I changed it as i thought my original is too cliche and i thought it would be more original to jave a simple idea.


Photographic codes-3 shots from films.

Definition: The literal denotation of the shot.


Image result for little shop of horrors movie

Little shop of horrors

This shot is very clever and took a lot of work as it shows how much effort directors will put in to one shot. The shot is used to show the dentist singing his song “I am your dentist” whilst he is savagely working on a patients mouth. For this shot a giant funtional puppet mouth was developed just for the effect of perspective for the audience.

the crack fox

In the series ‘The Mighty Boosh’ you meet the crack fox and in the shot he declares himself as the crack fox. You can also see this as he looks drugged up and his hands are practically made of syringes.


1940’s Couple. Mise En Scene.

Lighting: The lighting would be as a sunny day would be as this reflects positivity in the relationship.

Scene: The woman would be sat on a wall on a fountain expressing happiness and freedom to be with who she wants. Her boyfriend will be wearing a war uniform as it was still going on at the time. The sky will be blue with few clouds, just to sweeten the scene up some more,there will be propaganda and soldiers marching in a parade in the background.




Mise En Scene

The background has low key lighting representing a un-easy family scene. The red roses/flowers could symbolise death or destruction of the family as it is set infront of all of the members. The family facial expressions look either hostile or upset telling us family life in this scene is not happy. The light comes from the candles on the dinner table which light up the faces of the characters in a sort of sinister tone also showing that the family is not happy. Overall it sets an un easy scene for the audience as it is not usual happy family dinner behaviour.

Sign photos

First of all i apologise for my picture quality as I still haven’t got my hands on a high quality camera and i am still using my phones crappy camera.


This is a picture of priory farms welcome sign. It is located on my journey to college in the mornings as I don’t have my signs near me as I live in the middle of no where.


This sign is still located in outwood (where I live) and it indicates drivers that they are driving into kings cross lane. It is used to inform drivers of where they are so they don’t get lost.


Test shots evaluation


For my test shots i attempted to capture a picture of my ferrets playing together to symbolise innocence and freedom. Whilst taking the pictures i was overcome by a mixture of feelings one of them being rage as ferrets are extremely fast so most of my shots turned out as a blur as you can see from my test shots. I also felt very happy and excitable as they are adorable when they play as they jump in to each other and run away making friendly hissing noises.

The good parts of taking the shots is the fun i had whilst they played as they are adorable and i thought i would be catering great material. The bad part of taking the shots was realising that they were too fast for my crappy phone camera and also the fact that the only half decent shot has me in it.

When i take my actual shots I should look into using a decent camera to capture the pictures on or perhaps go with my back up plan picture instead. If i choose to re-shoot this I should think about trying new angles like perhaps leaving the camera filming on the floor as they investigate it and take shots from the video. I should probably shoot it whilst it sunny so it is in better lighting that would help symbolise positivity as m test hots look very dreary.

This will lead to me using a decent camera or perhaps better angles to shoot my shots and creating a more meaningful picture in the process.

Task 2 media: where am I?

The following are my first ideas of my pictures to analyse for my task 2 project. Everything highlighted in green are my most plausible ideas.


  • A picture of me (or other) in dark clothing looking upset in a happy place, maybe contrasted against the setting sun in a positive garden landscape (binary oppositions).
  • A picture of a water bottle in some long grass with a snail next to it symbolising things like feeling refreshed.
  • Picture of water running in riverside whilst sun is reflecting off of it.
  • My ferrets playing together to symbolise things like innocence.
  • Sunlight breaking though leaves in the woods.

Most of my ideas will support the ideas of innocence and freedom n one way or another apart from the 1st one which could represent entrapment in a world that doesn’t belong to you but others around you.

Another idea is to focus and possibly recreate surreal/perspective pictures. One example I have found is an image from google that I haven’t been able to trace back completely but i would like to “borrow” the idea for my own work. Mirror. (when entered hyperlink scroll to small girl with the mirror.)

My expectations

During this course I intend to make many friends as well as learn new things to do with the vast expansion of the media. I expect to be respected even in my idiotic “blonde” moments although I am also up for a laugh anytime. Another expectation is to be taught well and if I need help somebody will always be able to come to my assistance. I guess I’m also willing to help others if i know what I am doing. I expect this course to improve my knowledge of media and to hopefully bring me closer to figuring out what I’m going to do in the future.