2nd year stuff

area to me it looks like he possibly wanted to attack her differently as the shots are what he was looking at and he was checking her out.

assessment 2: A,C,I,J.

In my version the man steals from the lady’s house and realises that she is home. Before he kills her he watches her sing making it a lot more emotional as he cry’s at her song as  he kills something so innocent. I would have her singing the song – November rain by guns and roses- as it is a sad and emotional masterpiece about the destruction of innocence.

Assessment 3:

In year 2 I wish to progress in all kinds of directions. Everything I have done for the first year is good but I want to make everything even better and expand my knowledge of media even further. I wish to furthur develop in my knowledge of premiere pro editing as I admittingly only know how to green screen and edit to a medium standard. I would like to learn how to colour correct and add great effects to my films in the second year so my films can be brought even furthur to life. I would like to progress in my knowledge of earlier film directors as I only know about the popular ones mainly like Stanly Kubrick, Quintain Tarantino, Sam Ramie, Michael Bay ect. I’d like to get back to the roots of media and I can carry on this research properly during my course. I know that daily blog and reflection is really important now and I will put more of my attention towards it during the course. I will put more effort into using better cameras to bring out the better standards of my films and add even more creativity behind them. I just really want to work hard and get this as if I decide to get into the media this course will help me start out small and work my way up to maybe even being a film director some day. Altogether I must say if I’m on the second year of the course all I can do is give my all in hope I can get the course done to an amazing standard.


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