My idea surfaced from simply observing my best friend Alfie. I was struggling to come up with a context for change that was more or less original and not the same as everyone else’s ideas. This is when I asked Alfie and he said “hey I’m transsexual that’s change right?” So I decided to base it around him and his memories. I wanted to explore and delve deep into Alfie’s mind on the subject but I thought if i did it would get to much and sick the fun out of the media subject and I wanted to keep things light and happy. So I focused my attention on our favourite memories of his past as he went through being trans. In my personal point of view my film brings light and comedy aspects over a serious subject to let the audience know about serious matters without getting bored to death or getting upset about situations. I felt that a hearty comedy over a serious situation was the way to go as Alfie himself is almost never serious as he is a funny outgoing person that wants to bring rays of light to any situation. From a creative point of view my film contains simple yet delightful costumes to sustain Alfie’s simplistic memories of the subject as he barely remembers them as they are of his past self (when he was a girl).  From my professional opinion I could have colour coded my film and fixed the lighting a bit more. I liked my shots when I was interviewing Alfie as the colour and detailed simplicity of the shot was contained within the rule of thirds. The topic is Alfie’s experience in being transgender and his memories whilst he was going through the process. I wanted to address how the issues of being trans are temporary and the people who aren’t willing to help and shun you are not worth your time. That’s what I intended to address with the reinactments of people from Alfie’s past as he went through these troublesome times and still manages to be happy and move on. I did primary research the most as I could just talk to Alfie as it’s about him and what he is going through. I didn’t get to interview him due to lack of equipment because somebody borrowed the zoom and boom mics and didn’t give them back to put technician James. My secondary research was myself searching the web for transgender story’s and what problems they face and most of the problems line up in the same category’s of family issues and operations. I was recommended a documentary by Eleanor my tutor but due to technical difficulty and too much work to plan as it kept falling apart I didn’t have time to watch it and I also can’t remember the name. I obtained the idea of reinactments for an interviews from diary of a wimpy kid when he explains a life event and then plays that scene as a visual explanation to keep the target audience entertained. I guess this means I focused on that directors idea for my film and his name is Thor Freudenthal. I also thought of the landscape of my shots from Stanly Kuburicks eye for perfection and Quinton Tarantino list for action and entertainment. Im mainly attracted to using premiere to edit exactly how I was taught by my tutors and observing techniques of shots by directors and watching tutorials on stuff from YouTube. There were no financial constraints as for my costumes I used old clothes and make up and I borrowed equipment from the college. I would say my film was a documentary/interview on the subject matter of Alfie and his experiences on being transgender. My audience was mainly teens and adults but it is child friendly and the costumes could keep all age types entertained on the lightheartedness of the situation. My ambition of the project was to make a decent film that all can enjoy whilst putting a serious message across in a cheery way to make people remember it’s okay to be who you want to be.


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