project proposal

In my film I have decided to have a boy in a straight jacket looking stressed and rocking at the corner of a wall. He will be mouthing the words to “jesus’s blood never failed me yet” as I will put the actual song over the video. The walls will collapse as the music sets in and he will stand as a video of him in a field is protected onto his jacket and he smiles as a tear falls down his face.

My other idea is that the field video is projected on the wall and if I time it correctly it will look like he walks into the field from the side of the projector  and it will slowly fade to black as he walks away.

I decided to do this as I was inspired by Nicks lesson when he put on some music tracks and we would explain what we saw in our minds in detail to him, this idea is what I saw and explained to the class.

I will probably film this on a camera from James and film the field scene in a local field near the college. I will ask James about getting resources for the walls from art and ask Nick for more details on how to use the projector effectively during my filming.

The straightjacket I will make by hand as I refuse to pay £40.00 for one. I will use old leather bag straps for the jacket straps and an old white cotton jumper.


Research shots: Ethan in the straight jacket.


I will probably use Ethan for my film as he is a well trusted friend of mine and has made good work with me before as a reliable actor.

Second subject Shola Mullon:




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