London UAL trip evaluation

We started the journey from Redhill train station with Ethan and Seb. The rest of the group were on a different part of the train.

Next we arrived at UAL and Ethan tried to walk on water and there was a big fascination with the puddles outside as even young Douglas was interested for once.

We saw some real props from S.K films such as the coat that the child wears from the shining and the masks from eyes wide shut. It was truly amazing to see these props and learn its individuality to the backstory of stanly Kubrick.

We were interrupted as the fire alarm went off. Some say it was Dan who started the fire but we will never know. The other group apparently got to see more than us because they were not interrupted by the fire bell but still at least nothing was damaged.

It was a bit chilly and we left our stuff indoors but Sarah kindly lent me and Ethan a cardigan each but Ethan got a bit carried away and in touch with his inner ninja.

I captured some nice shots during the day too. There were some fabulous sights to be seen.

Shots continued. It was nice to see everyone having fun with the freedom even our tutor Eleanor.


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