Symmetry, Nick

I used my phone camera as I don’t own a decent film camera. My phone camera is still pretty rubbish sometimes but it gets the job done. Filmed on a Samsung Galaxy J5.

Natural Environment.

My first shot is a front shot of a tree. Although it is not completely symmetrical whilst in the centre of the frame it holds a sense of symmetry through the middle of the stump and up through the branches.


The next shot was my camera looking up the tree ( a worm eye view) and again their is symmetry but only because it is centred in the shot.


The next shot is the inside of a tree (not the same one) because I thought the rings that signify age had a good meaning behind it and it is also a nice symmetrical shot.


Flower shot.

This shot is very beautiful in my opinion especially with the water droplets on the bulb of the snowdrop flower. It is symmetrical within the bulb and makes for a lovely shot.


I tried to do a further shot back and it is surprisingly not symmetrical but works more as a pattern due to the other bulb being the same shape and facing the same direction as the other snowdrop.


Urban environment.

My shed/outhouse/wash house

My shed is pretty  generic and symmetrical if you split it down the middle.


From this side shot there is no symmetry but I recorded it anyway as an example of what not to do.


I did another worm eye view shot and from the angle you can see the symmetry of the light that is place on my shed.


My Cherub bird bath.

There isn’t really any symmetry in this shot but it is easy on the eyes.


And the same goes from a side shot.


From above theres a little bit of symmetry if you don’t include the kinks as the circle and the head are similar to their opposite sides if you slice down the middle.


The Belfry Redhill.

from this shot there is a lot of symmetry. From a slice down the middle the sights, the clock and the bells are symmetrical making a nice easy to focus on shot with plenty going on.

From the side pan shot there isn’t really much to go on but leaves a satisfying shot.



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