The Shining opening analysis.

How does the film open?

The film opens with a car driving through a beautiful valley being followed by the camera in a helicopter.

Describe the shots, count them and describe them one by one, describe the scenery and camera angles, is there a sense of emptiness?

There are 7 shots in the opening credits.

What will the film be centred on?

The film will be centred on the sanity of all the characters and how separate they are from each other in the massive hotel.

Is there symmetry or one point perspective?

In the opening there is symmetry between shots as they all contain the winding road being followed by the car.

What does the music suggest?

The music suggests that the film will be a horror/thriller as it is very eerie and ominous.

Is there contrast between music and imagery?

Yes because the music is very foreboding as the shots are very beautiful and stunning and they represent very different things. The music represents something bad is already watching the family and the shots suggest the vast loneliness and space between the family members.

What kind of feeling do these portray?

The shots and music make me feel scared,tense and uneasy as well as trapped in a sense of awe and want to see the rest of the film.

How does the size of the car emphasise the scenery?

The car emphasises the scenery as it expresses the vast insignificance of itself in the world for example if the occupants of the car were on trouble no one could help as they are miles into the mountains in the middle of no where.

Which colour is the car and why?

The car is yellow and I don’t know why he chose that colour specifically, maybe to make it stand out.

Can you see the characters identity in the car?

No but the cars design signifies its a small family car maybe heading off on a vacation or holiday.

Which colour is used for the editing and why do you think SK used this colour?

SK used blue to highlight the credits I suppose to help the text stand out and present a calmness to the situation opposed to the music itself.



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