Dr. Strangelove.1964.

  1. What do the signs around the airbase say?dr-strangelove
  2. What’s the effect of Peter Sellers playing multiple roles in the film?

The effect is to show his ability to slip under the audiences nose and see if they recognise how well he can portray different characters with his acting skills.

peter sellers.jpg

3. What does Kubrick seem to be saying about original motivations of war?

I think he’s maybe stating how its usually caused by corrupt leaders with their own selfish/crazy outlooks on the rest of the world because of how we categorise ourselves as communities and government.

4.What effect is created by the music and speech given by the B52 pilot?

The speech gives the effect of a sense of satire as the music is not very serious as its a well known nursery rhyme (the ants go marching two by two) but theres also a sense of pride amongst pilot and the crew as they are willing to complete the mission by all means possible.

5.Would the film have a different impact on the audience if it was in colour?

If the film was in colour the film would have the same impact in the story but a different impact in the art style as Kubrick would have to choose the appropriate lighting and colours on set to give the same or better effect. In my opinion the film wouldn’t be as good in colour as being in black and white gives it that emotional attachment as you are not focusing on the colours of the objects involved.

6.How does Kubrick manage to make Strangelove a comedy and a thriller at the same time?

He uses satire during dark and serious moments of the film to add light and dark comedy to the situation for example when the bomb is released and the man rides it like a bull to his death.


7. Theres a 1 min 24 sec long shot, can you find it?

It was the scene with the woman in it.

8. What does the movie tell us about the time it was created?

It tells us it was a time of conflict between America and Russia perhaps describing and inferring to the facts about the cold war.

9. How can you relate Dr Strangelove to the global conflicts today?

Yes. I can relate it to the conflicts in Iraq and the hatred between countries that constantly threaten each other.

10.How has symmetry been used to enhance visual experience?

Symmetry has been used to make interesting shots the keep the audiences attention as it makes the film more interesting to look at.

11.Take one screenshot and analyse it.


This screenshot shows the symmetry used in Dr Strangelove to make an easy to look at scene where you can observe everything quickly and evaluate the situation so far in the film.

12.Take a screenshot and describe what interests you.


This shot interests me because Kubrick uses an unflattering angle to represent the general. This could be have been used to suggest that he is not a very nice character during the film and will cause the disruption in Todorovs theory so to speak.

13.What is your personal response to the film?

In my personal opinion I think Dr Strangelove is a superb film and I would gladly watch it again but if I had to pick a fault it would be that it takes too long to ‘kick off’ so to speak.


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