Symmetry, Nick

I used my phone camera as I don’t own a decent film camera. My phone camera is still pretty rubbish sometimes but it gets the job done. Filmed on a Samsung Galaxy J5.

Natural Environment.

My first shot is a front shot of a tree. Although it is not completely symmetrical whilst in the centre of the frame it holds a sense of symmetry through the middle of the stump and up through the branches.


The next shot was my camera looking up the tree ( a worm eye view) and again their is symmetry but only because it is centred in the shot.


The next shot is the inside of a tree (not the same one) because I thought the rings that signify age had a good meaning behind it and it is also a nice symmetrical shot.


Flower shot.

This shot is very beautiful in my opinion especially with the water droplets on the bulb of the snowdrop flower. It is symmetrical within the bulb and makes for a lovely shot.


I tried to do a further shot back and it is surprisingly not symmetrical but works more as a pattern due to the other bulb being the same shape and facing the same direction as the other snowdrop.


Urban environment.

My shed/outhouse/wash house

My shed is pretty  generic and symmetrical if you split it down the middle.


From this side shot there is no symmetry but I recorded it anyway as an example of what not to do.


I did another worm eye view shot and from the angle you can see the symmetry of the light that is place on my shed.


My Cherub bird bath.

There isn’t really any symmetry in this shot but it is easy on the eyes.


And the same goes from a side shot.


From above theres a little bit of symmetry if you don’t include the kinks as the circle and the head are similar to their opposite sides if you slice down the middle.


The Belfry Redhill.

from this shot there is a lot of symmetry. From a slice down the middle the sights, the clock and the bells are symmetrical making a nice easy to focus on shot with plenty going on.

From the side pan shot there isn’t really much to go on but leaves a satisfying shot.



Evaluation By Tammy Wilkinson.

During this topic I have learned so much about using logic pro (partly because I didn’t know how to use it at all before). Every time I went back to edit I learnt a new skill. I learned how to make my sound, sound like it was underwater and how to match up foley with a moving image. Though upon exporting my video I noticed some kinks like the music slightly jumping and the cat practically using the ‘force’ to change the radio station. Looking back I wish I made it more of a horror suspense with some of the cliche bump and non diabetic sound in the background but I instead made it a slight comedy by adding the song ‘splish, splash I was taking a bath’ which hopefully won’t go under-appreciated as it mixes in with the foly and video very well in my opinion. Overall I am proud of what I achieved with help from Steve as without his help it would have been very plain and basic. I learned the basics of alchemy but I definitely need to work on it more as I am not totally sure how to work it properly. I faced a lot of trouble with my back tracks for the radio but eventually I was able to fix that and change the sound to left and right when the camera shots moved around the angles of the pool, which I am particularly proud of. I also figured out how to control the sound itself to make it sound like it was coming out the stereo (so not perfect sound quality) and not be totally terrible.

The Shining opening analysis.

How does the film open?

The film opens with a car driving through a beautiful valley being followed by the camera in a helicopter.

Describe the shots, count them and describe them one by one, describe the scenery and camera angles, is there a sense of emptiness?

There are 7 shots in the opening credits.

What will the film be centred on?

The film will be centred on the sanity of all the characters and how separate they are from each other in the massive hotel.

Is there symmetry or one point perspective?

In the opening there is symmetry between shots as they all contain the winding road being followed by the car.

What does the music suggest?

The music suggests that the film will be a horror/thriller as it is very eerie and ominous.

Is there contrast between music and imagery?

Yes because the music is very foreboding as the shots are very beautiful and stunning and they represent very different things. The music represents something bad is already watching the family and the shots suggest the vast loneliness and space between the family members.

What kind of feeling do these portray?

The shots and music make me feel scared,tense and uneasy as well as trapped in a sense of awe and want to see the rest of the film.

How does the size of the car emphasise the scenery?

The car emphasises the scenery as it expresses the vast insignificance of itself in the world for example if the occupants of the car were on trouble no one could help as they are miles into the mountains in the middle of no where.

Which colour is the car and why?

The car is yellow and I don’t know why he chose that colour specifically, maybe to make it stand out.

Can you see the characters identity in the car?

No but the cars design signifies its a small family car maybe heading off on a vacation or holiday.

Which colour is used for the editing and why do you think SK used this colour?

SK used blue to highlight the credits I suppose to help the text stand out and present a calmness to the situation opposed to the music itself.


UAL: 2001 A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey is a very beautiful and interesting film directed by Stanly Kubrick. Personally I have not finished watching the film but I do know the basis from references in shows and other films I have seen. I really like the match shot used for the bone and the ship flying through space as it is crossed with a very iconic and lovely soundtrack known even by people that have not seen the film.

bone ship.jpg

Hal has also become an iconic character coming up in many T.V shows and movies as new characters but still is a corrupt machine such examples being The Simpsons, Futurama and Wall.E.

As well as critiques essentially hating the film the public loved it and it has now become an iconic film, a masterpiece if you will, to the film industry and many people look to his work. Hal is also a very bold, basic yet frightening character as his calmness in such distraught situations causes unsettling across the audience as it is unusual to be so settled in a manic situation as people die.


Dr. Strangelove.1964.

  1. What do the signs around the airbase say?dr-strangelove
  2. What’s the effect of Peter Sellers playing multiple roles in the film?

The effect is to show his ability to slip under the audiences nose and see if they recognise how well he can portray different characters with his acting skills.

peter sellers.jpg

3. What does Kubrick seem to be saying about original motivations of war?

I think he’s maybe stating how its usually caused by corrupt leaders with their own selfish/crazy outlooks on the rest of the world because of how we categorise ourselves as communities and government.

4.What effect is created by the music and speech given by the B52 pilot?

The speech gives the effect of a sense of satire as the music is not very serious as its a well known nursery rhyme (the ants go marching two by two) but theres also a sense of pride amongst pilot and the crew as they are willing to complete the mission by all means possible.

5.Would the film have a different impact on the audience if it was in colour?

If the film was in colour the film would have the same impact in the story but a different impact in the art style as Kubrick would have to choose the appropriate lighting and colours on set to give the same or better effect. In my opinion the film wouldn’t be as good in colour as being in black and white gives it that emotional attachment as you are not focusing on the colours of the objects involved.

6.How does Kubrick manage to make Strangelove a comedy and a thriller at the same time?

He uses satire during dark and serious moments of the film to add light and dark comedy to the situation for example when the bomb is released and the man rides it like a bull to his death.


7. Theres a 1 min 24 sec long shot, can you find it?

It was the scene with the woman in it.

8. What does the movie tell us about the time it was created?

It tells us it was a time of conflict between America and Russia perhaps describing and inferring to the facts about the cold war.

9. How can you relate Dr Strangelove to the global conflicts today?

Yes. I can relate it to the conflicts in Iraq and the hatred between countries that constantly threaten each other.

10.How has symmetry been used to enhance visual experience?

Symmetry has been used to make interesting shots the keep the audiences attention as it makes the film more interesting to look at.

11.Take one screenshot and analyse it.


This screenshot shows the symmetry used in Dr Strangelove to make an easy to look at scene where you can observe everything quickly and evaluate the situation so far in the film.

12.Take a screenshot and describe what interests you.


This shot interests me because Kubrick uses an unflattering angle to represent the general. This could be have been used to suggest that he is not a very nice character during the film and will cause the disruption in Todorovs theory so to speak.

13.What is your personal response to the film?

In my personal opinion I think Dr Strangelove is a superb film and I would gladly watch it again but if I had to pick a fault it would be that it takes too long to ‘kick off’ so to speak.

Classical and jazz music research.

Classical music I listen to:


Canon in D by Pachelbel.

Canon in D is a very calm and tranquil song which makes me feel very calm and at ease. It makes me think of a field by some mountains and a stream with a man and woman playing the violins next to each other and out to the world and beyond. It also reminds me of having a strong stand of belief for the protection and serenity of the natural world.

I also enjoy (though not the original instruments) Canon Rock by Dragonforce.

This is just when I’m in an excitable mood and just need something chilling to rock out to.

Moonlight sonata by Beethoven.

This piece makes me quite sad but at the same time very calm. It makes me think of a man next to his wives coffin and as he cries her ghost rises out to dance with him one last time and then ascend to heaven (or any afterlife really).

Clare de lune by Debussy.

Clair De Lune makes me happy and sad, generally making me think of a dreary abandoned hospital with ghost replaying the last known days of their life over and over again but its somehow happy as soon they will be set free with their new hope.