Presentation; this is me.

In my this is me I have used jump cuts, jumps to black, close ups, narrative and an invisible cut. These skills I have picked up in secondary research from watching movies and visiting sites Eleanor has recommended for the classes viewing. At first I couldn’t get my footage to fit in with the music so i further researched it by observing horror movie trailers which eventually gave me the satisfaction to re-shoot and try again and now it looks great. I did primary research by asking my good friend Stephen how to fix my audio and he showed me how to normalise the audio gain. During my interviews I used the rule of thirds to give a better shot but upon watching my this is me I have noticed I didn’t stick to it and Shola, one of the interviewees, kept moving around in shot so it looks a bit of a mess. Its a bit late to edit it now but i have taken into account that I have to keep focused during my work if I want to achieve a great potential. I have also noticed my cuts to black are different lengths as some are longer than others which could lose the attention of the audience so I will have to make sure they are the same length.


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