Tennis ball exercise.

The requiment of the exercise was for each person in the group to move the balls in the fastest possible way under these conditions:

  • Nobody can hold more than one ball at the same time except to start the process.
  • During the process, each person must touch each ball in the order 1,2,3,4.
  • Balls must be kept moving throughout the process.
  • No props allowed.

Our idea from Jack was to each hold a ball and make it move in our hands. Then we would simaltaniously  touch the balls in order to do it in the fastest time possible.

This method made us win the first round of the demonstration as it was the fastest and most effective way. We were then told to improve our methods after seeing everyones tactics. Our group didn’t really know wether to change our tactics or keep it the same but after seeing the others we decided to hold the balls in a close line (whilst still jiggling them around in our hands) and just swipe our hands over them one after the other as this was still pretty speedy. But we lost the second round as there were more effective ideas as the others learned how to bend the rules better from us and we couldn’t really develop on what they had.

I think the purpose of this exercise was to show us how we can affectively register the importance of the requirements and parameters in our projects and if we don’t like something we see on the brief we can interpret it and adapt it to suit our own specifications.


Presentation; this is me.

In my this is me I have used jump cuts, jumps to black, close ups, narrative and an invisible cut. These skills I have picked up in secondary research from watching movies and visiting sites Eleanor has recommended for the classes viewing. At first I couldn’t get my footage to fit in with the music so i further researched it by observing horror movie trailers which eventually gave me the satisfaction to re-shoot and try again and now it looks great. I did primary research by asking my good friend Stephen how to fix my audio and he showed me how to normalise the audio gain. During my interviews I used the rule of thirds to give a better shot but upon watching my this is me I have noticed I didn’t stick to it and Shola, one of the interviewees, kept moving around in shot so it looks a bit of a mess. Its a bit late to edit it now but i have taken into account that I have to keep focused during my work if I want to achieve a great potential. I have also noticed my cuts to black are different lengths as some are longer than others which could lose the attention of the audience so I will have to make sure they are the same length.