Interview idea. (Gorillaz)

This practice sketch includes Dan and Ethan fighting as Ethan ruined the album cover shot by pulling Conors hat over his face. He then asks why Ethan is so bored and Ethan replies with were sitting in windows and the startup sound for windows will play.



wp-image-1610876013jpg.jpgSeb, Dan, Ethan and Conor.

Maybe Starts with them in the Gorillaz album cover for demon days and they start arguing or talking.



(Seb, Conor, Dan and Ethan


Animated ideas of interviewees as Gorillaz characters.Documentary with fay.

Test shot ideas: Filming, laser copy, pictures. Is it better to scan or copy it?

20161219_091717Seb as Russel. (might change to Noodle)20161219_091724

Conor as Murdoc (might change to Russel)20161219_091729

Dan as Noodle (Might change to Murdoc)




Ethan as 2-D (and will stay as 2-D)20161219_091744