Task three:The Visitor ideas

Title: The Visitor.

Story: The basis is an unwanted spirit in a home (the visitor).

Date: Thursday-sunday.

Films that inspired.

The setting of the woods is inspired by Evil dead and Cabin in the woods. The idea of a crazed maniac or creature being in the woods is inspired by Jeepers Creepers which was made in 2001 by Victor Salva.

Alfie character is in an abusive house hold and he walks into the woods to leave flowers on his mothers grave and he gets a visit from her (hence the name The Visitor as the title).


Scene ideas

  • Alfie starts off by waking up and taking a swig of Jack Daniels (prop alcohol its actually juice).
  • In the next scene he styles his hair in the mirror, smiles and then gets angry as he thinks little of himself so he puts on a beanie and walks out angrily.
  • We have a shot of him grabbing his coat and putting it on.
  • puts leash on his dog and walks through the garden and out.
  • we’ll then have a  and sets down the flowers. Possibly have a close up shot of him shedding one tear.
  • 1st person shot of his face and you see a hand hold his face and he looks up shocked.
  • His dead mother hugs him and the camera pans away as they huddle in the woods and the shot fades to black.

Upon filming my sequence i changed the story so its just a sad boy visiting the grave of a lost loved family member and someone coming over to comfort him. I changed it as i thought my original is too cliche and i thought it would be more original to jave a simple idea.


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